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September 7, 2014

Experts' Expert: Is there any nutritional difference between brown and white eggs?

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C. Claiborne Ray's Q&A feature in the XXX New York Times Science section spells it out, and follows.


Don't Judge Them by Their Shells

Q. Is there any nutritional difference between brown and white eggs? What accounts for the difference in shell color?

A. There is no discernible difference in nutritional value, said Tro V. Bui, a visiting fellow in animal science at Cornell University. Brown eggs in general may have more omega-3 fatty acids, but the difference is tiny, he said. There is no difference in yolk color or taste.

Genes determine shell color, Dr. Bui said. White-feathered chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs; red or brown ones with red earlobes lay brown eggs; and the Ameraucana breed, also known as the Easter egg chicken, lays eggs with blue shells.

Shell quality does not differ by breed, though younger chickens lay eggs with harder shells. Brown-egg chickens tend to be larger and cost more to feed and raise, so white eggs are more cost-efficient.

The type of feed can affect the egg’s nutritional content as well as its yolk color, Dr. Bui said.

An egg’s content and shell are formed at opposite ends of the reproductive tract. The pigments that determine shell color are oocyanin, a byproduct of bile production, in blue eggs, and porphyrins, a class formed by the breakdown of blood cells, in brown eggs. Pigment is usually added to the outer layer in the last few hours before the egg is laid.


[Times graphic up top by Victoria Roberts]

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Giant Bag Clip

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From websites:


The Handy Camel is a tight sealing clip and convenient carrying handle for large bags, such as potting soil, fertilizer, pet food, ice salt, bird seed, BBQ charcoal, and more.

Just slide it around the bag's opening, clip it shut, and the round teeth inside securely grip the bag without tearing it, while the ratchet locking system creates a tight spillproof seal.

As handy as this would be for various household projects and pets, it's also great if you have a massive bag of potato chips.



[via The Green Head]

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The World's Tallest Unoccupied Buildings


Interesting photo essay featuring 10 such structures around the world, along with details about how the buildings came to be in their current sad states.

I have no doubt boj readers worldwide know of many more; if you've got the energy and time, feel free to let us know in the Comments section.


Above, "The 38-story (476 feet high) Book Tower in downtown Detroit, Michigan, designed by Louis Kamper, completed in 1926. A taller Book Tower with 81 stories was to be built at the opposite end of the Book Building, but the plan was abandoned because of the Great Depression started in 1929. The building has been entirely abandoned since 2009, but most of the tenants moved out in the 1990s."

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Concrete Candleholders


"Marble, wood, and concrete holders with copper or brass tops."

From $35.

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