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September 14, 2014

Amish Barn Raising in Under 10 Hours: Time-Lapse

From Colossal: "Ohio resident Scott Miller shot this timelapse video earlier this year of dozens of Amish men raising a barn. The entire construction cycle takes place between 7am and 5pm — with at least an hour for lunch — and yet the bulk of the work is done by the end of the day."

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Thermodo — "Turn your phone into an accurate digital thermometer"




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Paper Clip Sculptures by Pietro D'Angelo


These appear to exemplify the adage


"Quantity has its own quality."


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Cat Pajamas


Gray Cat walked away as soon as these came up on the screen.

But I digress.

From the website:



Ideal for keeping your feline friend clean and comfortable after an operation or a wound, the Egree Cat Pajamas Loose is super cute and practical. You do the pajamas up with buttons, making this a rather fetching and stylish wardrobe that is sure to raise some whiskers in cat society!


They come in four cute colors and sizes, plus are very functional, since they stretch and even have a hole so your pet can go to the toilet without discomfort.

Fitting a range of cats, the sleeves and neck are especially designed to be easy to wear for your pet, meaning they can play and race around as much as before. 




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