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September 18, 2014

Inside the magical room where the best headphones in the world are made


From Wired: "Smart people know that Sunset Park is where you get the best Chinese food in Brooklyn. Really smart people know it's also where you get great headphones — some of the best in the world [above]. The Grados have been making audiophile-grade cans in the same building since 1955. What was the family produce mart is now a factory, and through the graffitied doors [below]


is the listening room, where company president John Grado uses a special hi-fi stack to tune every headphone his company makes."

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Paper Mimicry Trash Can


14-liter capacity polyethylene trash can designed to look like crumpled paper.

£35.99 (crumpled paper not included).

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HMS Victory: Lord Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar

From YouTube:


HMS Victory is a 104-gun first-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, laid down in 1759 and launched in 1765. She is most famous as Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805."

She was also Keppel's flagship at Ushant, Howe's flagship at Cape Spartel, and Jervis's flagship at Cape St. Vincent. After 1824 she served as a harbor ship.

In 1922 she was moved to a dry dock at Portsmouth, England, and preserved as a museum ship. She is the flagship of the First Sea Lord and is the oldest naval ship still in commission.

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Chocolate Donut Camera


I guess the bow tie is no longer operable.


Had to happen eventually, I guess.


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