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September 21, 2014

Rolling Stones drive crowd mad in 1965


"The Rolling Stones in Fresno, California in 1965,


as excited fans break out of the stands


and rush the stage


before the police stop them."


[via I Live in a Retro World and Only The Young Die Young]

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Cat Hat — "Pet clothes protective head cap"


From the website:



The Japanese know a thing about cats. From Hello Kitty to Maneki-neko and the thousands of YouTube videos of local felines doing what they do best, looking cute — there is no end to the Japanese appetite for cats. But here is a way to repay the favor for all those years of companionship. Give your cat something that will not only make them look super cute, it will also help them recover when they have suffered a mishap.

Yes, this cat hat is a pet accessory that will both protect and decorate your feline friend. This is particularly good for cats who have suffered a head wound and the area needs to be kept clean or you need to stop your pet from scratching a cut open again.

This practical and attractive cap comes in four different color designs, plus three sizes depending on your cat's head size. The openings for your pet's ears can also be adjusted and widened easily for better comfort. After all, your cat deserves the best.



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Behind The Medspeak: A Brief Overview of Antibiotics


[via Compound Interest]

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World's highest capacity memory card


512 GB, how's that work for you?

A terabyte's just around the corner.


[via The Awesomer]

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