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September 23, 2014

Is Portland really rainy?


Seth Kadish, grand panjandrum and majordomo of Vizual Statistix — who lives there — created the graphic up top to try to bring some clarity to the debate.

Long story short regarding precipitation in Portland: It is — and it isn't — really rainy.

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Wing Scarf


From the website:



Designer: Vík Prjónsdóttir

Material: Icelandic Sheep Wool

Produced: In Iceland, a small knitting factory called Glófi

Dimensions: 94" x 10.5"



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Roman Vestal Virgin Hairstyle Recreated


From NBC News: "For the first time, the hairstyle of the Roman vestal virgins has been re-created on a modern head."

"The vestal virgins were priestesses who guarded the fire of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, among other sacred tasks. Chosen before puberty and sworn to celibacy, they were free from many of the social rules that limited women in the Roman era. Their braided hairstyle, the 'sini crenes,' symbolized chastity and was known in ancient texts as the oldest hairstyle in Rome."

[via the Wall Street Journal]

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Assault and Pepper Shakers


Be still my heart.

"Ensure your condiments pack a punch with these Assault and Pepper Shakers. Made of ceramic, the two shakers are sure to add some thrills to your dinner table. Easy to refill by removing the bung in the base, the shakers are fun yet functional."


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