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September 23, 2014

Is Portland really rainy?


Seth Kadish, grand panjandrum and majordomo of Vizual Statistix — who lives there — created the graphic up top to try to bring some clarity to the debate.

Long story short regarding precipitation in Portland: It is — and it isn't — really rainy.

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Portland is not remarkable for total annual rainfall. However, rain here tends to be lighter and more prolonged than in most places, resulting in a higher number of days with measurable precipitation.

Rain is part of the culture in Portland, a lifestyle in fact. Of course, in Portland everything is a lifestyle. Portland locals actually have twenty-seven distinct terms for rain:

rain showers
rain turning to showers
a shower or two
a few showers
showers likely
rain at times
rain likely
rain likely at times
freezing rain
rain mixed with snow
snow mixed with rain
snow turning to rain
rain early
gentle dew from heaven (no, wait, that’s Ashland)
light drizzle
light rain
occasional rain
rain late
heavy rain
showers late
scattered showers
showers turning to rain

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