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October 5, 2014

Eye Slack Haruka — "Electric eye muscle + skin stimulation"


From the website:



Just three minutes a day with the Eye Slack Haruka and you should see improvements in the excess or sagging skin around your eyes.


Safe and easy to operate, just put the included pads onto the Haruka and then lay it under your eyes.

The battery-powered vibrations and gentle heat will then start to improve the condition of your skin, seemingly taking years off you while lessening those tell-tale weary signs of age.

There are two different modes to choose from, hard or soft.

The former uses electrical muscle stimulation to activate your skin, while the latter supply gentle micro-currents to combat sag, slack and gravity.

A mere 30g (1.1 oz), you will hardly feel the Eye Slack Haruka on your face but you (and others) will certainly notice the difference it makes!

Details and Features:

• 6.9 x 2.6 x 0.8"

• CR2032 batteries x 2

• Includes Eye Slack Haruka and 4 eye pads

• Instructions: Japanese, but self-explanatory



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Transform your website into an app in seconds


"Their software scrapes through [your] site and generates a fully functional preview of your app within six seconds.

Costs $15 a month.

[via Fast Company]

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The Hundreds Passing Through Hong Kong — Part 1

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Motion-Activated Digital Peephole Camera


From websites:



This is genius.

Attach this device to your door peephole and never again be surprised when you open the door.

With its clear LCD panel, you can easily see who is at the door with a simple (and quiet) click of a button.

Use regular or zoom function and eliminate the annoying fish eye distortion of regular peepholes.




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