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October 11, 2014

"A Private Tour of the CIA's Incredible Museum"


Intelligence authority David Wise is your guide,


writing on Smithsonian.com: "... one of the most compelling and least visited museums in the United States. The museum has an extraordinary collection of spy gadgets, weapons and espionage memorabilia from before World War II to the present — more than 28,000 items, of which 18,000 have been catalogued — and hundreds are on display. But the museum is run by the CIA and housed at its headquarters in Langley, Virginia, eight miles outside Washington, D.C. The agency's entire campus is off-limits to the public, and the museum is open only to CIA employees, their families, and visitors on agency business."

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Retro Hanging Fun Light


From the website: "Looks like a standard light bulb hanging on a long cord, the sort of thing you'd see in a seedy rooming house in 1948, but it's a battery-operated LED light that morphs red-blue-green when you pull the cord. Hang it anywhere on the 47" cord, put in 3 AAA batteries, and watch it glow."

$6.95 (fun included).

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Crochet Ramen

From Spoon & Tamago: "Youtuber betibettin recently created a tutorial on how to make ramen. The only thing is, he's not a chef and his ramen isn't edible. Try and you’ll end up with a mouth full of yarn. Betibettin is a power crocheter and his latest creation is a bowl of ramen created entirely from yarn."

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Sliding Door Track Cleaning Brush

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.31.23 PM

From the website: "Clean sliding doors, windows, shower doors, etc. with ease. Cleverly angled brushes remove dirt, mold, and soap scum from those hard-to-clean tracks. Set includes one corner brush and one wider track brush. Durable polypropylene handles with hanging cord."


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