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November 27, 2014

What are they?


Hint: smaller than a bread box.

Another: nothing to do with space.

A third: not from Japan.

Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Drink coasters? :)

Posted by: Pippi | Nov 28, 2014 5:33:09 AM

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by: thejeffott | Nov 27, 2014 8:42:44 PM

They are the many, wondrous and ever-inspiring worlds of bookofjoe, at which all joeheads bow our heads and lift our hearts in Thanksgiving.

Posted by: Marianne | Nov 27, 2014 12:57:17 PM


Posted by: YesBiscuit | Nov 27, 2014 12:54:01 PM

Twiskey. God I wish I could still drink. I'm going to need one SERIOUSLY before the day is over.

Someone make certain the bottom of the barrel doesn't dry up like these ones and take a drink for those that can't.

Posted by: Clifyt | Nov 27, 2014 9:45:45 AM


Posted by: jonathan | Nov 27, 2014 8:56:17 AM

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