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December 11, 2014

Experts' Experts: How to choose the juiciest lemons

Finally, something of practical value.

Who hasn't stood in front of a display of hundreds of lemons, wondering which one is best?

Full disclosure: me.

But I'm not you, and so here's Cook's Illustrated advice on how to identify the choicest specimens.


Choosing the Juiciest Lemons

Most lemons at the supermarket come in just two varieties. Lisbon lemons [below]


are often characterized by slightly smoother skin, a rounder shape, and a flatter stem end, while Eureka lemons [below]


are frequently distinguised by a more elliptical shape and knobs at both ends. No matter the variety, the most important trait to look for is fruit that gives under pressure, which indicates a thin skin and pith. We found that thin-skinned specimens yielded an average of 8% more of their weight in juice (or about 2-1/2 teaspoons per medium lemon) than those that felt rock hard. Green skin is also not a problem. In our tests, as long as they were thin-skinnned, lemons with a greenish cast had as much juice as their more uniformly yellow counterparts, and they did not taste more tart.


The less ubiquitous Meyer lemon is described here.


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