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November 28, 2015

Lock Pick Earrings


Wrote Cory Doctorow in boingboing:


These acid-etched stainless steel lock pick earrings are an elegant accessory perfect for quick escapes, late nights, and lost keys.

They feature a selection of picks, rakes, and a tension bar.

The earrings are slim and lightweight, meant for wearing everyday, and for having a set on hand in case of emergencies — getting locked out, losing your keys, or showing up everybody at a spontaneous locksport competition.



From the designer/inventor's website:



These earrings are decked out with silver plated rings and ear hooks.

Each set includes:

• 1 x Small hook pick
• 1 x Small half diamond pick
• 1 x Single ball rake
• 1 x C-rake
• 1 x S-rake
• 1 x Tension wrench

The tension wrench is placed opposite the hook, half diamond, and C-rake to give you quick access to the most useful tools.

Everything is attached with silver plated jump rings, allowing you to quickly disassemble and reassemble the picks.

The set is made of durable lightweight .02 stainless steel with silver-plated steel hardware.

They are slimmer than most lock picks, keeping weight down so they can be worn comfortably everyday.

We've gone through a few dozen trials on tumbler locks and the tools show little wear aside from some light scratches.

The earrings weigh about 2 oz.

If you're new to the art of lock picking and the joys of locksport, I highly recommend the "MIT Guide To Lock Picking," free here.

Please check your local laws about purchasing and possessing lock picks.




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