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November 30, 2015

Rhodia Triangular Pencils


What took so long?

No more rolling off the edge and behind the desk.

Talk about a stealth pencil....

Don't use them, just look at them.


I'm reminded of Calvin Klein's remark upon the opening of his flagship Fifth Avenue store, to wit.:"You don't have to buy anything; just feel the fabric."

Spot on.

Website description:


The Rhodia pencil has a black linden wood body, black eraser, and smooth writing HB lead (equivalent to a #2 pencil).

The triangular-shaped barrel is comfortable to hold and won't roll off your desk or table, and will sharpen in any standard pencil sharpener.

Pencil dimensions: Approximately 7.4 inches (18.8 cm) long and 0.3 inches (7 mm) in diameter.



Apiece, $2.35.

[via Wired]

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I have, somewhere, a triangular cross-section pencil, given away as a promotional item to my dad in the late fifties or early sixties

Posted by: soubriquet | Dec 6, 2015 12:07:12 AM

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