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December 10, 2015

Covert Escape Magnetic North Nickel


From the device website:


This unique new covert compass was inspired by the various escape compasses developed during WWII and issued to Allied airmen and commandos as part of their escape & evasion kits.

Unlike standard military compasses, due to specialized requirements escape compasses were mostly very small and of rudimentary design, had minimal markings, and provided gross magnetic north indication. 

Now — 75 years later — we've brought the escape compass to a new level of covertness.

It's completely unrecognizable as a compass — it looks just like a US nickel.

In fact, it actually is one!

When suspended on a thread (there's a special thread channel all around the coin's side), the "heads" side will always indicate magnetic north.  

You supply the thread — your clothing or Mother Nature are reliable sources if needed. 

Also available in a Euro coin version.


Still not convinced?

Watch the video.

The covert nickel costs $24.

Actually, if you think about it for a sec, it's $23.95: you can spend the coin if you're down to your last nickel (as long as you're in the U.S.).

[via boingboing]

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