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February 2, 2016

KitKat Sake


It's out of Japan (why are we not surprised?).

But I digress.

From The Verge:


... sake-flavored KitKat will be available in Japan beginning February 1.

NariNari says the new bar will mix "chocolate with the mellow body and smooth aftertaste of sake."

While Americans have to survive with generic KitKats, KitKat White, and KitKat Miniatures, Japan enjoys a seemingly endless bounty of new flavors.

Strawberry, Purple Sweet Potato, Pear, Edamame, Bean Cake, Cinnamon Cookie, European Cheese, Matcha-Green Tea, and others, including region-specific flavors like Exotic Sakura.

Japan has KitKat sandwiches and KitKat boutiques in Tokyo and Kyoto.

But why is this particular chocolate bar so popular in Japan?

Time Out Tokyo takes a guess: "It could have something to do with the fact that it's seen as a good luck charm, because 'Kit-Kat' sounds similar to 'kitto katsu,' which means 'you will surely win.'"



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