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March 9, 2016

Faceless Watch


I like this.

A lot.

From the website: 


Looks like a stylish bracelet — but press the side buttons to magically display the time, date, and seconds in red LCD numbers.

Stainless steel with gunmetal gray finish.

Extra links included for size adjustment.

1"-wide band with fold-over clasp.



$29.99 (time included).

You ask, "Are batteries included?"

An obvious question, what?

The website doesn't say so I'm gonna guess no. 

But you never know with these clowns: you can email (help@whateverworks.com) or call (877-756-5053) and ask them, if the question is burning a hole in your baggies.


Note added 9:46 a.m. Wednesday, March 9:

What was I thinking, telling YOU to email or call?

That's our job, for cryin' out loud — it's what we (Gray Cat and I) do, like the guy says in that TV commercial.


Anyhoo, I just called and learned that batteries are included.

So we bought one.

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