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March 14, 2016

Born to Run: Ostrich Races Bicyclists

Way better than a Road Runner cartoon — this is the real deal.

It happened in South Africa, along the Cape of Good Hope, where rider Oleksiy Michchenko remarked, "Almost fell off my bike laughing."

Selected YouTube comments from among the 711 that appeared over the five days after the video went up March 5:


• The ostrich just wants his bike back.

• Now that is some jurassic park s**t right there!

• damn look at that, he haulin a**, damn nature u scary

• Brings a whole new meaning to being chased by a bird

• OMG Roadrunner is real!

• An ostrich can run at speeds up to 43 mph. Think he was just messing around

• It may is the stupidest mother ****** alive but it sure is fast.

• That ostrich has sick cardio

• Could have been worse. Could have been a lion.

• I had no idea those things were so s***in fast. And a s***load of stamina! Can't help noting how much this looks like a velociraptor when it runs... crazy.

• Yes now I can see how dinosaurs evolved into birds. That thing was running after those guys like it was the Jurassic  period. Lol!

• to think that unlike cheetahs, these things can maintain that speed for at least half an hour. Truly magnificent.

• Hi, I'm currently working for Nippon Television (a Japanese television  company). I just saw this video full of fun and funny and excitement. And we are wondering if we can air this video on the Japanese television. If it's  okay with you, we will air this footage next Monday evening (Japan time — it will be Sunday evening where you are). We'll be looking forward to your reply!    

• Holy S**T!!! That bird can f***ing HAUL!!!

• That is one fast bird.

• Where is coyote?

• Ostrich on cocaine...

• That bi*** can run, f***

• I would've had a heart attack. That was like Jurassic Park.

• I would have been done within the first two minutes — with my fat *** I wouldn't be able to get away.

• I'd rather face down a pit bull than an ostrich.

• This isn't a chase, it's a race.

• When the video started, I thought the ostrich was wearing a GoPro.

• fastest biped in the world.

• It could kill a person with a well-placed kick.

• dude, ostriches are no joke, omg that thing hauled a**

• That damn bird can run.

• Funny stuff: an ostrich has eyes bigger than its brain.

• Isn't that in SA? Seems like the Cape coast and happens often on the West Coast of South Africa as well. They kick bloody hard if you're unfortunate enough to get in the way.


Wait a sec... what's that music I'm hearing?

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