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March 20, 2016

Sci-Hub — Free access to every scientific paper ever published


Say what?

How is it I only heard of this this week?

Long story headlined "Should All Research Papers Be Free?" from the New York Times short:


A graduate student from Kazakhstan named Alexandra Elbakyan is believed to be hiding out in Russia.

[She founded Sci-Hub and the U.S. government has a warrant out for her arrest.]

... [Journal publisher] Elsevier filed suit against Ms. Elbakyan, resulting in an injunction last fall against her file-sharing website, Sci-Hub.

But since a federal court order isn't enforceable in Russia (Ms. Elbakyan won't confirm where she is exactly), much less on the Internet, Sci-Hub continues to deliver hundreds of thousands of journal articles per day to a total of 10 million visitors.


BigThink calls Sci-Hub "Pirate Bay for science."

More like Napster for music in that it is destroying the pay-to-read scientific paper model.

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