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March 19, 2016

Notchless Tape Dispenser — "Designer adhesive scotch tape cutter"


From the website:


Don't you just hate those zigzag lines you get when cut tape? [I do, so much so that I never sleep well after using regular tape dispensers. But I digress.].


Well, this special tape dispenser will leave only straight lines for a clean, satisfying result.

It's easy to see why Mamoru Yasunaki's Notchless Tape Dispenser has won lots of awards [how's your Japanese?] since it first appeared in 2011.

The blade itself has been patented, and is safe and easy to use.

Not only that, but the compact tidy Notchless also looks superb in its ergonomic silver tones.

Features and Details:

• Made in Japan

• 4.3" x 1" x 2.6"

• 2.2 oz. (62 grams)

• Fits up to 0.7"-wide tape

• Aluminum and polycarbonate


Though this nifty device was featured in Gizmodo in December 2013, it took my Crack Research Team®© over two years to happen on it.

By now the original site, Japan Trend Shop, has long since sold out.

What a surprise.

Nice going, gang.

Lucky for me I've got my under-the-radar, barely known and rarely mentioned Crack Research Swat Team®© for special cases like this.

They found the dispenser in a Tokyo yoctosecond.

¥2,160 ($19) here (tape not included).

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