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April 19, 2016

High Heel Church


It's in Taiwan.

The Crystal Cathedral is so 20th century.

From AtlasObscura:


Standing on a large concrete disc in Ocean View Park, in Taiwan's Budai township, is a massive glass slipper that looks as though it would be fit for a giant Cinderella.

But in actuality this strange building is a church meant to cater to women.

Or to reference a local legend.


Finished in early 2016, the giant shoe church is an all-glass structure, formed out of 320 blue-tinted panes set into a metal grid.

The main worship space is in the toe, with a large screen at the tip, while there is an outdoor stage built into the collar where someone's giant foot might go.

While it is being called a church, officials say that its main function will be to cater to weddings and photo shoots. 


And before anyone gets to thinking that all of this is just to pander to women, there is a more traditional explanation for the design of the church.

Apparently it is an allusion to a story of a local girl who, while engaged to be married, contracted Blackfoot disease.

She had to have the lower portions of her legs amputated, ending her engagement and resulting in her spending the rest of her days alone and living in a church.


[photos via CHENALLEN/Shutterstock]

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