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April 23, 2016

21400mm Chair — Oki Sato


"Oki Sato, the designer behind Tokyo studio nendo, often juggles 400 projects at once, he says, at times introducing a new product every week."

The minimalist master first showed this chair in 2010, part of the solo exhibition "Thin Black Lines" at London's Saatchi Gallery.


From the Victoria & Albert Museum's website: "This limited-edition chair by nendo is made from bent and welded powder-coated steel. It was manufactured in collaboration with Ochiai-Seisakusho, a Tokyo-based company that specializes in precision metalwork. It is designed to appear as a drawn outline of a standard chair. The 'morphing' nature of the 21400mm chair — its visually changeable quality — is very arresting and requires the viewer to observe it carefully to perceive the functional object."

I would so love to have one.


I had my Crack Research Team®© drill down and see what they bring at auction these days but it would appear they're so prized and scarce that most are in museum collections.

My team could not find evidence of any having been sold at auction in recent years.

Oh well.

I mean, it's not as if I had $50,000-$100,000 (my estimate of what this chair would bring) lying around even if there were one for sale.


[via the Wall Street Journal]

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