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May 6, 2016

Shoe Goo — Bonds Loose Soles to Shoes


The experts at Ragged Mountain Running Shop sell this stuff and swear by it.

I bought a tube last month and fixed my 10-year-old Merrell everyday walking-around shoes with it and the repair looks like it'll outlast the shoe.

Today I glued the sole of one of my 35-year-old Pivetta hiking boots — they've taken me to the Thorong La Pass in Nepal [above 18,000 feet], as well as along New Zealand's Milford Track and a lot of other places since 1981 — back on with Shoe Goo and when I take the rubber bands tightly holding the repair in place off on Monday (I like to allow a generous 72 hours for the best possible bond) I have no doubt the restored boot will be ready for anything.


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