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June 24, 2016

No more arguing about which way the toilet paper roll goes



Case closed.

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Levolor Peel-to-Size Window Shades


What a genius invention.

Remember when you used to have to take your broken shade — or your best between-bracket measurement — to the hardware store, where the guy would cut a shade for you that, if you were lucky, would actually fit when you got back home, at least close enough that you didn't have to return to the store for a recut (if the shade was too big; too small, too bad for you, ka-ching — but I digress...)?

Then there were the companies that did it by mail: pretty much the same deal as the hardware store, except you didn't have to leave home to get back a shade that was too small — ka-ching!

To add insult to financial injury, there was a couple weeks' wait from the time you ordered till you received your mismeasured unusable shade.

Then came the peel-to-size revolution, which now lets you order from Amazon and receive your shade in 2-4 days.

You follow the excellent directions (below)


— so simple even a TechnoDolt©® can do it (one did) — and in 20 minutes you've got your window shade in place and Bob's your uncle.

Bonus: sizing the shade by peeling off long strips to make it fit properly is fun, like when we were back in kindergarten: how often do we have that sort of gratifying stuff in our lives anymore?

Not nearly often enough, IMHO.

A shade costs $17.11.

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