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July 7, 2016

The voices of Taffy Nivert and Kate Pierson — Blast from the past*


Taffy Nivert (above and below)


has been here before, in a detailed examination of how John Denver's megahit "Take Me Home, Country Roads" came to be.

Last night, while I was listening to R.E.M.'s "Me in Honey" about a hundred times — can you tell I must really like the song? — I decided to really make an effort to find out who the female singer is on the song behind/beside Michael Stipe, as she's got such a great voice.

And on that song she sounds exactly like Taffy Nivert did singing harmony on "Take Me Home, Country Roads."

I mean, I knew it couldn't possibly be Taffy Nivert, but who was it?

So I told the crack research team to drop everything and find out.

They did.

The answer, obtained on a cached Google page from USA Today in 2001, in an online chat conducted by the paper's "Pop Candy" columnist Whitney Matheson: Kate Pierson (below).


Here's how big my ignorance is: only by further research did I learn that she was one of the B-52s.

How dumb is that, I mean?

Is there anyone else on the planet still able to fog a mirror who doesn't know that?

Anyhow, that explains the big, vibrant voice on "Me in Honey," and of course it's only logical since both R.E.M. and the B-52s hail from Athens, Georgia.

See, my ignorance is great, but not limitless.


Another mystery solved.


*This post originally appeared on March 30, 2005.

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Thync — "Energize or relax without drink or pills"


That sounds pretty good.

Tell us more.

From the website


Q. What exactly is a Vibe?

A. Good question! Vibes are low energy waveforms that energize or relax you by stimulating nerves in your head and neck. Our scientific studies prove that running a daily 10-minute Vibe for one week lowers stress, improves sleep, and raises your overall mood without using any drinks or pills.

Q. What are Thync strips?

A. Thync Strips deliver Calm or Energy Vibes from the Thync Module. Each Strip layer is loaded with proprietary Thync technology and is designed for you to comfortably experience a Vibe. Strips easily snap to the Module and gently stick to your skin. Strips are guaranteed for single use but may be used several times if skin is clean and dry.


Beats sticking your wet finger in a live socket.



But maybe you're thinking it all seems a bit dubious... for you, an alternative approach:

Try it at home for 30 days for one dollah and if you don't like it send it back.

Still uncertain? 

No worries: watch the video below, perhaps it'll help you make a decision.


Didn't happen?

Hey, a lot of stuff never happens — chill.

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