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July 17, 2016

Look-Alikes: Portraits of people who look alike but aren't related at all


Photographer Francois Brunelle has found and photographed more than 200 such pairs over 16 years for his "I'm not a Look-Alike!" project.

Above and below,








Many more here.

A 2014 New York Times story about Brunelle's work — which also explores whether unrelated people who look alike are alike — is here.

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Pencil Stub Rescuer


Say what?

Tell us more.

From BoingBoing:


The Tsunago pencil sharpener lets you "chain smoke" your pencils by connecting pencil stubs together.

The Tsunago ("let's connect") has three blades:


One sharpens like a normal pencil sharpener.

Another bores a hole in the bottom of one stub.

The third makes a plug in the other stub.


All you need is a bit of wood glue to keep the pencil pieces stuck together.

Details of a Blackwing pencil rescue here.

Video of pencil stub rescue below.



You say that's all well and good but smacks of a fetish, what with the signature Japanese approach — three blades and you still need to find wood glue and then wait for it to set.

Well, have I got an alternative for you — at less than 1/10 the price.


How about $2.89 for a one-step quick & dirty solution (above and below)?


Does that work for you?

I thought so.

I know you so well....

Oh, yeah, one more thing: pencil stub not included.

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