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July 18, 2016

Anatomical Art of Juan Gatti


Read about 


this sui generis 




Argentina-born artist



Video below.

[via RealityCarnival and Michele Filomeno]

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Samurai Sword Umbrella Holder


From the website:


Japan is a rainy place and so designers are constantly looking for new ways to make practical protection from the elements in more interesting ways.

The Touken Kasakaban Samurai Sword Sheath Umbrella Bag is a chic yet simple holder inspired by samurai sword scabbards, solving the problem of carrying an umbrella while you are sightseeing.


There is even a sword print on the sheath (a plain one is also available) so you can put the bag around your shoulder and pretend you are back in the feudal period.

The sword designs have different hilts, styles, and colors, named after famous Japanese swordsmiths: Dotanuki (green), Muramasa (blue), or Kotetsu (red).

The bag is handmade with canvas from Kurashiki, a historical town where the bags are exclusively available from a local store.

The sheath doesn't come with an umbrella but you can add any regular model.

For the best results, though, we recommend using a classic Japanese parasol or even a sword-style umbrella!

Fits umbrella up to 35.4" in length.



Plain: $39.

Sword print in Green, Blue, or Red: add $107.

Samurai sword not included.

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