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July 21, 2016

Snake Mimic Caterpillar

YouTube caption: "Snake mimic caterpillar Hemeroplanes triptolemus (Sphingidae) from the Amazon rainforest near Puyo, Ecuador. When disturbed, this larva of a sphinx moth expands and exposes the underside of the first body segments, mimicking a snake head with black eyes and even light reflections. Sometimes it also strikes like a snake to deter predators such as lizards or birds."

Photos here.

Lots more here.

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Phantom Putty — "Changes Color Under UV Light"

Arctic Flare

Can your silly putty do that?

Didn't think so.

From the website:



Phantom UV Putty is an amazing moldable putty that changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light.

As with any standard putty, you can mold, stretch, twist, sculpt, bounce, and tear Phantom UV Putty.

But when you introduce the included UV keychain light you can draw, write, and scribble bright designs directly onto the surface of the putty.

Expose the putty to sunlight and watch it turn a bright hue in a matter of seconds! The color changes are as temporary as the putty's shape, so you can reuse it over and over again.

The included UV keychain light comes with a battery so you can start drawing right out of the container.


On the fence?

Waste some more time, why don't you, by watching the video below demonstrating the stuff in action.

In a variety of colors: from $11.95.

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