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July 24, 2016

"Alice in Wonderland" — The first film version, from 1903

From Dangerous Minds


Cecil Hepworth is one of the unsung heroes of early cinema.

The son of a magic-lantern showman and novelist, Hepworth was one of the first producers/directors to realize the potential of making full-length "feature films" (his 1913 version of "David Copperfield" ran for 67 minutes) and the selling power of star actors (and animals — most notably his pet dog in "Rescued by Rover" in 1905).

Hepworth began by making short one-minute films.

In 1903, Hepworth decided to go large and make (as faithfully as possible) an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."


Originally 12 minutes in length, Hepworth's movie was, in 1903, the longest film to have been produced in Britain.

Hepworth co-directed the film with Percy Stow.

He wanted to keep the style of the film in keeping with Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations.


Costumes were designed and elaborate sets were built at Hepworth's film studio — including a rather impressive rabbit burrow.

Family members, friends, and their children were used in the cast.

Unfortunately, the full version of Hepworth's mini classic has been lost.

The print that exists is damaged but is still a beautiful, trippy, and incredible piece of work.


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My Hitch — Hands-Free Travel (At Last)


What took so long?


The product video (below),

featuring My Hitch inventor Robert Lian, an airline pilot who flies Boeing 737's, is wonderfully calm and matter-of-fact, just what you'd expect from a pilot.

Watching it made me decide to buy his invention, regardless of haters like Micah Singleton.


$17.95 (luggage not included).

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