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July 12, 2016

Handcuff Escape Shoelaces


From the website:



This covert handcuff key was developed for an elite U.S. unit whose members are at high risk of being taken captive and require improved odds of escape.

It was designed to have a near-zero likelihood of detection, yet still have the capability to be rapidly accessed when required.


This was achieved by engineering a unique covert hide-out key which is located seemingly far out-of-reach of a handcuffed captive.

Discreetly attached to the tip of your bootlace, this handcuff key does not seem to be within any useful proximity while handcuffed behind your back, but just bend your knee up sharply and it puts it right into your hands.

This works whether standing, sitting, or prone.


Grasp the device, and then return your foot to its original position; as your foot descends the lace unties, leaving you with a tethered handcuff key in your hand.

Fits on all standard boot laces (not included).

A black rubber cover


is included to protect and further conceal the key.

Installs easily using just a regular pair of pliers (directions included).


• Constructed of blackened brass

• Weight: 0.017 oz.

• Length: 3/4"

• Made in U.S.



To help you waste even more time and keep you from doing what you're supposed to be doing just a little bit longer — oh, yes, it's no secret... but I digress — you can watch this instructional video.


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Its weird, I never even really thought of that. I told this same story to a friend after I was showing new cuffs I had just gotten from amazon and mentioning that sometimes it is wise to duct tape a key behind your headboard on your bed in case someone shows up randomly, has handcuffs and leaves you attached to your bed with no way to leave (because criminals totally do that in my neighborhood...they don't steal anything, just lock you up and leave...yeah...)

But I was telling him this story and he gave me this look like WE LIVE IN DIFFERENT WORLDS and tells me how insane it would be to run from cops.

That said, these days the key taped to the back of my bed is FAR FAR FAR more useful than carrying one in public. Just sayin'.

Posted by: clifyt | Jul 14, 2016 10:25:15 AM

Damn clifyt! On the one hand I'm so impressed, on the other, I'm glad you weren't shot in the back! Oh, I do see some pitfalls with this little gizmo Joe, but then again it might be a lifesaver if you're being held by the wrong guy and you can run very fast.

Posted by: tamra | Jul 14, 2016 2:19:41 AM

I use to carry a key clipped to the inside of my belt. Always laughed about it until I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and after going into 4 bars to use the restroom, being told restrooms were only for paying customers, and then buying a 'I NEED TO USE THE RESTROOM DRINK' only to find that they were locked and out of order (seriously all 4) -- and later finding out that MOST bars close their restroom except staff and claim it is out of order during this time to avoid having to clean up after drunks -- I decided to use the alley way.

Where I was promptly arrested. And put in a line of a dozen other guys cuffed one to another.

I uncuffed myself and RAN. And would do it again. I carry my key ANYTIME I'm near this hell hole of a state now!

Posted by: clifyt | Jul 12, 2016 9:42:27 AM

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