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August 6, 2016

Avocado Time Machine


You know how a cut avocado turns from green to brown in about 17 minutes?

Not if you run the  avocado through Naturo Zero's Avocado Time Machine (pictured up top).

This puppy performs its magic by "switching off" the enzyme polyphenol oxidase responsible for the browning, using pressure fluctuations generated by steam.

It takes less than one second to process an avocado, yielding some 4,000 ready-to-go cut fruits/hour.

From the Australian company's website:


The Problem:

Avocado is a very sensitive fruit.

The ripeness of the fruit is critical for consumption but hard to manage.

Cut avocados begin to brown as soon as they are exposed to oxygen and very quickly lose their fresh eating appeal.

Most avocado processors use chemicals, preservatives, or additives to overcome this browning issue to try and extend shelf life of their products.

However, taste, structure, and original health benefits of the fruit are all compromised in this process.

The risk of cut avocados been contaminated with pathogens known to be harmful to humans is a major problem across the industry and is difficult to eliminate.

Most processors have no answer to dealing with this risk and their products cannot be guaranteed to be food safe.

A bad tasting cut avocado with a food safety risk is clearly not what the market and consumers want.

Our Solution:

Natavo Zero™ technology.

Naturo has developed the world's first "All Natural" technology to stop the browning, setting a new standard for cut and pulped avocado.

What could be better than an avocado product that tastes just like fresh avocado, has nothing at all added to it, has several days shelf life after its packaging is opened, and has an inbuilt food safety step, meaning the consumer can feel secure that the product is always safe to eat.

This simple but sensational solution solves all the major problems that have been on the cut and pulped avocado industry's wish list for decades.

• A minimum of 10 days refrigerated shelf life — even after the packaging is opened

• Zero chemicals, additives, preservatives or processing aids — 100% natural

• No more browning of the avocado flesh, no guesswork, reduced waste

• Maximum food safety with all cut or pulped avocado products

• Great taste — just like fresh ripe avocado

All of this is achieved without compromising the outstanding health benefits of the avocado fruit, which are fully retained.

As a result of the process, spoilage of the grown fruit from farm to consumer is minimized.

This is a perfect outcome for farmers, processors, wholesalers, and consumers alike.


Can they build one for you?

Apply within.

[via The Guardian]

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Periodic Table of New York City Trash (Poster)


From the website:


A tabular array of New York City trash including 118 naturally-occurring elements in nine groups: Apparel, Beverage, Food, Hygiene, Household, Lifestyle, Municipal, Packing, and Vices.

Features and Details:

• All items photographed in New York City

• Offset printed on heavy matte paper

• By Molly Young & Teddy Blanks

• A1 poster size — 23.39" x 33.11"


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.06.29 PM


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