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August 17, 2016

Flipped Iceberg


From photographer Alex Cornell: "I went to Antarctica in December 2014. These rare shots capture the seldom-seen underside of an iceberg."


Back story here.

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Standing Dustpan (+Broom)


From Justin Lamar's Cool Tools review:


No More Bending With The Dustpan

This set consists of a dustpan with a long handle and a broom.

It works great because you do not have to bend over with the dustpan to sweep up debris.

You simply use the broom to sweep the trash into the bin.

The dustpan has tall sides so the chance of stuff falling out is low.

No more walking around carefully with a loaded regular dustpan hoping it does not spill.

The broom is not quite as tall as a regular broom, so you can use it with one hand with your other hand on the dust bin handle).

Or you can just sit the dustpan down and it will stay up on its own as you use both hands for sweeping.

It stores easily, too.

The broom and dustpan clip together and you can hang them from a hook in your pantry or closet.

The dust pan folds up so that it takes the least amount of space possible.

Your back will thank you.

Features and Details:

• Broom has powder-coated steel handle

• For indoor and outdoor use

• Set measures 35.5" tall




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