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August 19, 2016

"Picnic in Space" starring Marshall McLuhan

YouTube caption: "''Picnic in Space' (1963) is a rare jewel of a film in which McLuhan banters with his long time cohort Harley Parker. The film sees McLuhan expounding on space and its properties while lying in a field somewhere in Canada. Amusing, classic, and a period piece of McLuhan ephemera."

I found it enchanting.

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Archelis Wearable Chair

Standing desks are so over.




Japanese researchers have developed a wearable chair called Archelis that can help surgeons when they are performing long surgeries.


The wearer of Archelis will not get the full comfort of sitting on a chair — which wraps around the wearer's buttocks and legs — but, rather, support allowing the user to sit back wherever and whenever needed.



Apply within.

Fair warning: I hope your Japanese is up to speed.

[via BLDGBLOG and Archinect]

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