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August 23, 2016

World's Top 10 Most Liveable Cities


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Wall Stud Finder Gives You X-Ray Vision

Why wait for the next X-Man movie when you can be one?

This device is called the Walabot, which is unfortunate but oh well.

From The Verge:


The Walabot is the stud finder of the future, connecting to a smartphone to let you see inside your walls.

The $199 price tag aside, it does come with a few features lacking in a run-of-the-mill $15 stud finder from the local hardware store.

Made by Vayyar Imaging, a company specializing in 3D-imaging sensors, the Walabot lets you see plastic and metal pipes, electric wires, and studs at distances up to 4 inches inside a wall.

You can then visualize the actual location of the pipes and wires through a connected Android smartphone running 5.0 Lollipop and above with USB OTG.

Vayyar Imaging also touts the Walabot's ability to sense motion, suggesting that it can be used to find pests in your walls.



Note: incompatible with iPhone.


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