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September 10, 2016

Retraction Watch Hall of Fame



FunFact: Robert Slutsky, #25 on the wall of infamy above, was a UCLA Medical School classmate ('74).

Because most of the time we were arranged alphabetically for labs and suchlike, I spent a ton of time goofing off with him during our years there.

See, "Sl" is close to "St"... oh, never mind.

He was a great guy, funny as hell and he hated med school as much as me.

He was also wicked smart, which made his progress through our four-year-long slog significantly easier than my own death march.

But I digress.

Slutsky did his damage at the UC San Diego School of Medicine from 1974 to 1985.

He was a superstar in nuclear cardiology until defrocked, publishing highly cited papers (with made-up data) at a furious chairman-to-be rate (about every 10 days, as opposed to a very respectable every few months).

He called me soon after he'd been unmasked (I hadn't heard from him since we'd graduated) and asked me if I thought anesthesiology would be a good new specialty to pursue.

I said "sure."

He said it sounded pretty easy and I replied that for him it would be.

He subsequently did a residency somewhere in the East and then went into private practice, also somewhere in the East.

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"Star Wars" Death Star Giant Ice Ball Maker


From websites: "Mold creates a large 2.4"Ø slow-melting ice ball."


"Can also be used as a silicone baking and chocolate shape."


"BPA free and dishwasher safe."


"Taste your drink, not the ice."


Two for $9.99.

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