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September 23, 2016

The smallest lot in New York City (500 square inches)


It's pictured above and below. 


Brian Roemmele has the back story:


Between Christopher Street and Seventh Avenue South, just in front of the historic Village Cigars store, there's a small mosaic triangle set into the sidewalk — the smallest legal plot owned in New York City.

This land is now part of the sidewalk: it was never sold or given to the city.

In 1910, Seventh Avenue was extended to just below Greenwich Avenue to make room for subway construction.

The city exercised eminent domain to condemn and demolish 300 pieces of property.

One of the buildings to be demolished was D. H. Hess's Voorhis Apartment, a five-story residential building.

Hess mounted a fierce battle with the city that ultimately left him with about 500 square inches of real estate shaped like a triangle.

The city requested that Hess "donate" the land to be part of a new sidewalk.

Hess did not agree and went to court to assert his rights and it became a famous case in the late 1910s known as "The D. H. Hess Estate of Philadelphia case."

Ultimately Hess won the case and created a lasting reminder of defiance: On July 27, 1922, he ordered black and yellow tile to create a defiant message [above] that can still be read today:


In 1938 the Hess family sold the triangle for about 2¢ per inch ($1,000 in total) to the cigar store that still operates at the location today.

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bookofjoe's Favorite Thing: BlueAnt Bluetooth Earphones


You can look like a doofus with AirPods next month or you can rock these now for less than 25% of the $159 AirPods will set you back.


I've been using them for two weeks, including an epic 8.5 mile run in 95° heat and major humidity up and down the hills of Podunkville which made me sweat like I was in a steam bath: they stayed put and the sound was fine, plenty loud, and being drenched in perspiration didn't hamper their performance one iota.

My iPhone 5 wasn't as fortunate: sweat soaked through my armband and bricked it.

But I digress.


BlueAnts are surprisingly comfortable, with a zillion ear insert size options.


What a delight, no longer having to mess around with an iPod earphone cable.

Blue, Black, or Green Ice.

Highly recommended.


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