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September 23, 2016

bookofjoe's Favorite Thing: BlueAnt Bluetooth Earphones


You can look like a doofus with AirPods next month or you can rock these now for less than 25% of the $159 AirPods will set you back.


I've been using them for two weeks, including an epic 8.5 mile run in 95° heat and major humidity up and down the hills of Podunkville which made me sweat like I was in a steam bath: they stayed put and the sound was fine, plenty loud, and being drenched in perspiration didn't hamper their performance one iota.

My iPhone 5 wasn't as fortunate: sweat soaked through my armband and bricked it.

But I digress.


BlueAnts are surprisingly comfortable, with a zillion ear insert size options.


What a delight, no longer having to mess around with an iPod earphone cable.

Blue, Black, or Green Ice.

Highly recommended.


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