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October 9, 2016

World Earthquakes 2000-2015 — Plate tectonics in action

In 1912 Alfred Wegener proposed his theory of continental drift.

It took until the 1960s and widespread acceptance of plate tectonics for Wegener's ideas to be confirmed.


Videre est credere.

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Shiatsu Pressure Point Stick


From websites:


Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese therapeutic method that helps relieve muscular tension and improve physical and mental well-being.

When applied to strategic areas, massaging with a shiatsu stick can help relieve bodily pressures and tensions without any external salves or medicines.

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The shiatsu stick is made of cedar-like hinoki (Japanese cypress), with both pointed and smooth ends, allowing you to choose how you would like to apply pressure to sensitive areas.

This essential tool and accompanying guide to shiatsu make it easy to bring this homeopathic tradition right to your home.

About Hinoki

With its bracing, spring-like scent and restorative properties, hinoki is an ideal natural material for bath and wellness products.

Hinoki is acquired through tree-thinning, an eco-friendly process where surplus wood is extracted from unhealthy, overcrowded forests.

Tree thinning allows healthy trees to grow better and evenly distributes natural resources like sun, water, and soil throughout the forest.

Made in Japan by Tosaryu.




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