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November 7, 2016

Got wood? Call the Forest Products Laboratory Hotline: 608-231-9200


The best place to get an authoritative answer on anything wood-related isn't Google but, rather, the same place that was the best place twenty years ago, before Google even existed.*

That w[]d be the Forest Products Laboratory Forest Products Hotline — 608-231-9200** — at the University of Wisconsin, where it's been located in a building on a knoll overlooking the Madison campus*** (above) for 84 years (since 1932; it was founded in 1910).

From Atlas Obscura:


At the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL), research is conducted on all things wood-related.

The lab's xylarium, or research wood collection, is the largest in the world, with over 103,000 samples.

Its herbarium contains one of the largest collections of wood-decay fungi in existence.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, FPL is the only federally funded wood utilization research laboratory in the United States, and as such it answers to the public as a government resource.

Operating under the Forest Service, the laboratory dispenses timely advice on wood through its hotline.

When it's not answering the public's burning [sic] questions, FPL is a repository of oddities.

In their xylarium they have a piece of Leadwood [below],


the heaviest and hardest wood in existence, weighing 80-85 pounds per cubic foot.

Another sample, a piece of African Crossfire Mahogany, was the veneer used on the interior of Pontiac automobiles in 1973 [below].


It's a beautiful specimen with brown waves rippling through its golden grain, like caramel cascading down a candied apple.


More here.

*Google was founded on September 4, 1998.

** 8 a.m.-4 p.m. CT M-F

***Worth the trip; UW makes Madison one of the greatest college towns in the U.S.

Make sure you go during the school year: I recommend fall.

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Egg Ninjas


"Designed to enable easy handling of boiled eggs."


"One size fits most eggs."


Silicone; 7.08"H x 1.96"Ø.


Set of two: $14.83 (eggs not included).

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