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November 17, 2016

Snake Cake


From websites:


Francesca Pitcher created a unique birthday cake for her reptile-mad six-year-old daughter: a cake so real it freaked out the party guests.


Pitcher, a professional cake maker (North Star Cakes), wanted to make something special for her daughter Claudia's spooky-themed party.

Although terrified of snakes herself, the 37-year-old from Kent, England, after studying online images of an Amelanistic Burmese python, spent three days creating the sponge cake and white chocolate fondant snake.

She baked a total of six cakes before combining and then carving and sculpting them into the slinky appearance of the reptile, one of the most lethal nonvenomous snakes in the world.

It took a painstaking 12 hours to decorate the cake until achieved a convincing likeness.


She applied a special dye to color the skin and replicate its distinctive markings.

She told the Daily Mail, "We had recently been to the zoo and I asked her what cake she wanted for her birthday, and suggested a snake, which I immediately regretted because I have a real phobia. But Claudia said she wanted it to scare her friends."

"At first I couldn't even look at the images of them online but as I kept researching them I realized they weren't so bad and had quite beautiful patterns."

"Once I had got over my phobia I just cracked on with it, although before I put the skin on, it looked really creepy."

"After I made him I had to keep him in a box and lock him away in a room, I just couldn't look at him."

"The children were fascinated by the cake and weren't scared at all but their parents gave it a wide berth when they arrived and some of them were quite freaked out by it."


Despite its realistic appearance, Claudia and her 26 friends loved the cake and fought over who was going to eat the head.


Can Ms. Pitcher bake one for you?

Not likely.

I asked my Crack Research Team©® to drill down and get contact information for North Star Cakes.

Alas, its last tweet appeared in February 2015 and the Twitter link to North Star Cakes' website yields a 404 Not Found page.

Oh well.


[via EssentialKidsWhyEvolutionIsTrue, and RealityCarnival

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Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 3.23.02 PM

Catchy name, what?

From Reviewed.com:


The Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner, five inches tall, uses water and vinegar to soften chunks of food sticking to the inside walls of your microwave.

Fill the furious woman with water and vinegar, set your microwave timer to seven minutes, and watch steam rise from her head.

It's a chemical-free alternative, a safe option for families with young children.

You can even add dash of lemon juice to the mixture and freshen up your microwave
with a pleasant fragrance.

The food was soft enough to wipe off in a couple of strokes but it's not a miracle cleaner.

You're definitely going to have to put your back into it and scrub off old, stubborn food.


You can too!

$7 (microwave not included).

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