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November 19, 2016

Fish-Eating Killer Cone Snail*

Videre est credere.

If you're a fish in certains regions of the Pacific Ocean, be afraid.

Be very afraid.

From National Geographic: "Their venom, a complex concoction of hundreds of different toxins, is delivered via a harpoon-like tooth propelled from an extendable proboscis. There is no antivenin for a cone snail sting, and treatment is limited to keeping victims alive until the toxins wear off."

*Video not for the squeamish

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Handmade Potholder


From the website:



This handmade artisanal pot holder helps you lift handled pots and pans safely.

Made by hand-sewing swatches of surplus and scrap fabric, every potholder is one-of-a-kind and made in an artist's workshop in Tokyo.

How to use: Grip the outside of the potholder, using the hollow inside to safely grip the handle of a hot pot or pan.

Outer: cotton; filling: polyester

4"H x 4"Ø



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