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December 2, 2016

Oil Interacting With Water — Fabian Oefner


From the Washington Post:



Fabian Oefner first noticed the stunning beauty of the world when he was a kid, looking up at the moon through a homemade telescope.


Since then he has used photography as a tool for examining his surroundings.

His work has ranged from devising a way to photograph sound to shooting magnetic fluids.


Oefner's most recent series, "Oil Spill," featured here, shows the results of oil interacting with water.

When Oefner noticed the beauty of a puddle of water with a thin film of gasoline, he decided to re-create the phenomenon in the controlled environment of his studio.


To execute this project, he painted a plank of wood black and poured a layer of water on top.

Then, using a syringe, he applied drops of oil, which morphed into iridescent blossoms.

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Phone Bed


Lie down with phones get up with viruses.

Well, I thought it was funny.

Though admittedly, the bar is awfully low.

Never mind.


This pricey device charges up to 10 phones at once.

Can your charger do that?

From the website:



Features and Details:

• Constructed of solid wood with velvet-lined compartments and satin linens

• Dual-sided blanket with microfiber and satin to clean device screens

• Phones charge on top of a satin-clad mattress

• Tablets tuck compactly underneath


$100 (phone[s]/tablet[s] not included)

[via TheVerge]

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