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December 2, 2016

Oil Interacting With Water — Fabian Oefner


From the Washington Post:



Fabian Oefner first noticed the stunning beauty of the world when he was a kid, looking up at the moon through a homemade telescope.


Since then he has used photography as a tool for examining his surroundings.

His work has ranged from devising a way to photograph sound to shooting magnetic fluids.


Oefner's most recent series, "Oil Spill," featured here, shows the results of oil interacting with water.

When Oefner noticed the beauty of a puddle of water with a thin film of gasoline, he decided to re-create the phenomenon in the controlled environment of his studio.


To execute this project, he painted a plank of wood black and poured a layer of water on top.

Then, using a syringe, he applied drops of oil, which morphed into iridescent blossoms.

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