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December 16, 2016

PowerSiesta — Rocket scientist designs solution for sleeping on a plane


From the website:


Compact ergonomic sleep solution designed by a rocket scientist


PowerSiesta is the best way to sleep while traveling on planes, trains, or buses.

With PowerSiesta you'll sleep better, deeper, and longer without back or neck strain so you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go.

PowerSiesta's ergonomic shape — designed by an actual rocket scientist — works with the natural contours of your body to alleviate muscle tension so you can rest more deeply.

How To Use

Simply open, fit the inside flaps together, place on top of your tray table, and relax.


When you're done just fold it flat and slip it into your laptop bag or carry-on.

Why PowerSiesta?

Because sleeping while traveling shouldn't be a nightmare.

Aren't you tired of sleeping on planes with your head flopped back and your mouth wide open?

Of waking up with your face buried deep into a stranger's shoulder?

Haven't you had enough of arriving at your destination exhausted and aching all over from uncomfortable sleep?

Say no to uncomfortable, embarrassing sleeping positions wreaking havoc on your wellbeing — say "Sí!" to PowerSiesta. 


Ergonomically designed to allow your head to rest at a natural angle, PowerSiesta pops open in seconds to protect your neck and shoulders from unnecessary strain and damage.

When not in use, the lightweight PowerSiesta is the size of a magazine, easy to take with you.

Made from high-grade corrugated cardboard durable enough to be used over and over, it resists stains thanks to its smooth finish and is 100% recyclable.




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@joepeach - thanks for the feedback! We did lots of design testing, and decided to make the PowerSiesta as simple as possible so it would be super compact and easy to fit anywhere. However, if you want a little more padding, just pop a folded up jacket, hoodie or scarf on top and you'll be in heaven. You could also upcycle an old-fashioned u-shaped neck pillow by putting it on top. Have you backed us yet on Kickstarter to try your own? :)
Martina from the PowerSiesta team :)

Posted by: Martina | Dec 30, 2016 10:09:58 AM

All well and good until the person in front puts their seat back and the tray decapitates you.

Posted by: Jo | Dec 19, 2016 7:23:43 PM

Ok Martina, make a "snack" version! Put flat stuff in it, beef Jerky, Chocolate, flat dried fruit, etc. It would hardly add to the bulk and if it took off you could sell "replenishing" kits (reoccurring revenue, Woooho!). If it takes off, considering getting me to England or Scotland with a Second Leg taking me to the Isle of Man (I always wanted to visit there). Good Luck for both of us ;)

Posted by: joepeach | Dec 17, 2016 9:23:11 AM

OK, feedback. I would like the video in which the woman opens it, run a few seconds longer, so that we can see how her body relaxes when she rests her head on the platform. Also, a bit of padding on the surface where your face would rest wouldn't add much bulk, but would make it seem more like a sleep surface. Just a thought. Love the idea though, bet it works.

Posted by: tamra | Dec 16, 2016 10:38:51 PM

Thanks for the mention, Joe! We're so excited that you like our idea and hope you'll give us your feedback if you back our project and get your own PowerSiesta napper! By the way, don't just take it from us - here are some real users of PowerSiesta talking about why they love it: https://youtu.be/goeS7QstSTg

Peace, love and PowerSiestas :)
from the PowerSiesta team

Posted by: Martina | Dec 16, 2016 12:42:49 PM

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