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January 17, 2017

Glitch Carpets by Faig Ahmed


From faithistorment:



Azerbaijan-based conceptual artist Faig Ahmed utilizes traditional decorative craft and the visual language of carpets in contemporary sculptural works of art.


He experiments with traditional materials and colors, such as the rug weavings of Azerbaijan or Indian embroidery, while engaging the viewer through the unexpected marriage of crafts steeped in history with hypercontemporary digitally-distorted images, in the form of pixelation, three-dimensional shapes, and melting paint.


Ahmed employs computers to sketch his works and transfers his designs onto the carpets using traditional weaving techniques.



The show will remain up through January 25 at Sapar Contemporary in New York City.

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USB-Powered Paper Cup Warmer


What took so long?

From the website:



Perfect for keeping those takeaway cups of coffee or tea warm during the winter.

The semi-transparent cup can be attached to a USB-enabled device to power its heating function.

Use it in the car


or connect to your computer.


Features a handle so you can drink without your beverage having to leave its cozy confines.

Features and Details:

• Detachable handle

• USB charging cable included

• Keeps drink warm for 4 hours

• Fits standard-size disposable cups 

• Automatic cut-off prevents overheating

• Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

• Reaches optimal temperature in 4 minutes



$25 (paper cup and coffee not included).

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