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January 25, 2017

Through Google Glass: A drive into town

YouTube caption:


It's been a year or so since I used Glass so I thought I'd see if it still works.

Turns out the hardware's impeccable — but the software (i.e., getting it out of the device into my computer and then uploading it here) is not for use by the faint of heart or impatient.

It took me I don't know how many false starts and dead ends and maybe a half hour to finally get the job done.

Note added post production:

I just realized why there's a green tinge to a good part of the video: it's because I was wearing a fluorescent green t-shirt on a very sunny day.

The reflection of sunlight off the shirt added that nauseating je ne sais quoi to the viewing experience — c'est la vie!

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Yoga Joes


From the website:



Created by yoga practitioner Dan Abramson in an attempt to get more people interested in yoga.


• Each set includes nine Joes in various yoga poses:

headstand, meditation, cobra, warrior one, warrior two,


child's, tree, crow, and downward-facing dog


• Each Joe measures 3" tall at full height

• Rigid non-toxic PET plastic


Set of 9 in green


or hot pink:



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