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January 10, 2017

World's Largest Hourglass Gets Rotated Every New Year's Eve


From Atlas Obscura:


Budapest's Timewheel (Időkerék in Hungarian) could be the world's largest hourglass, taking an entire year to completely empty.

Literally a giant wheel designed to mark time, the public installation was built in 2004 to commemorate Hungary's inclusion into the European Union.

The giant wheel is slightly concave, sloping towards the center choke point that marks the upper and lower reservoirs.

In the case of the Timewheel, the particles that fall to mark the passage of time are tiny pieces of glass which trickle through the clock with the help of a computerized system that keeps the timing perfect.

Both the upper and lower reservoirs can be viewed through large triangular panes of glass in the wheel.

On December 31, a team of four people use thick steel cables


to rotate the Timewheel 180° on its built-in rails, resetting it for another year.

The process takes up to 45 minutes to complete the half-rotation.

The installation is located in a public park and visitors are welcome to try to spin the titanic granite wheel themselves.

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