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February 2, 2017

To Catch a Thief: Net Gun

Just like in comic books, but it somehow never made the leap to the real world.

From Atlas Obscura:


If a burglar is on the loose, what better way to catch him than with a gun that launches a hundred square-foot nylon net?

At least, that's what one inventor thought in 1969.

In the video above, archived by British Pathé, an inventor by the name of Colin Brown shows how his device — "net-a-thief" —can easily capture a robber who had stolen five penny stamps from the post office.

At the pull of a trigger the "net gun" launches four weights attached to netting.

After the net traps the robber, the weights swing around the victim's body, rendering him immobile.

"It's not as easy as it might seem to get out of a hundred square-feet of nylon netting," says the narrator.

While you certainly can catch an adult human with a net gun today, the devices are not typically used to entrap robbers.

Rather, they are a popular option to humanely trap animals and, lately, drones hovering in no-fly zones.

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Pyrex Beaker


I've become obsessed with making great coffee once again (it last happened about 15 years ago) and my routine requires priming the grounds by adding 100ml of 200° water to freshly ground coffee in a precise 15-second-long pour.


The time I've got down pat but pouring exactly 100ml of near-boiling water from my temperature-regulated kettle (above, right front burner) into a smaller container without getting burned was a problem until I  remembered high school chemistry.


With oven gloves and this little puppy I'm in coffee heaven.



Note that many other sizes are available.

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