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February 8, 2017

Facebook Livestream is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get


That's the great thing about it.

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ThingsWeLove: Silicone Spatula


Becky Krystal, a reporter for the Washington Post, loves her iSi spatula.

She penned the following tribute.


I have what most people would generously call a small kitchen.

At least in theory, then, everything must earn its place.

And if I own more than one of a single item? You'd better believe it’s essential.

A few things fall into that category.

Over the years, my husband and I have collected multiple sets of measuring spoons and cups (dry and wet, of course), several chef's knives, and, um, two waffle irons (hey, square and round).

But the real kitchen workhorse we cannot imagine living without in duplicate?

Our spoon spatulas.

I don't even remember how or when the first one came into our lives, although now I wish I'd marked the time and date on a calendar, like some kind of momentous birth.

The apple of our eye comes from the peculiarly capitalized culinary brand iSi, and we now have three of them crammed into the utensil holder on our counter.

What makes this $10 tool so invaluable?

The silicone material means it's heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

It never picks up colors — looking at you, tomato sauce — or scents, and we tend to cook powerfully aromatic Asian and Indian fare.

A squared-off edge lets me scrape every last bit of caramel out of the corner of a saucepan and I can do so with abandon, knowing it won't leave a scratch no matter what pot or skillet I'm using.

Its scoop is a bit shallow for liquid-heavy food but in a pinch it's even a passable serving utensil.

The tool is beautifully designed, too.

The handle is slim enough to fit comfortably in my hand yet thick and sturdy enough that I can grab it when I'm wearing a heat-resistant glove.

A groove in the middle is a natural resting spot for my fingers.

Sometimes even three seem insufficient: after many years, that first one is starting to look rough around the edges, but I can't bear to toss it.

Start the morning with pancakes, make some brownies for the evening's dessert, cook a pot of rice and a curry and, well, that's more dishes than spoon spatulas.

No sweat.

Even in the sink, the iSi tool cleans like a dream.

I have evangelized about this spoon spatula to my family and friends.

I recently gave one to my mother-in-law: I figured it would be a vast improvement over the plastic utensils she typically cooks with.

Just as important, though, I want it over there for when I'm cooking for the family.

Sure, I could bring my own, but why risk forgetting to take it home?




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