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April 20, 2017

How common is your birthday?



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Dept. of Kawaii: Kitt-a-Boo Wall Hook


From the website:



Approximately how many items of clothing are lying on the floor of your house right now?

Draped on a chair? Stuffed in a wardrobe to deal with later? Too many.

You need the Kitt-a-Boo Wall Hook.

This unassuming little box is the key to keeping your living space tidy and spacious.

Just hang a piece of clothing, umbrella, or bag on the curly tail and a cheeky little kitten will pop out of the box to reward your efforts.

It's very satisfying and highly addictive.

And infinitely more exciting than Schrödinger's cat.


Features and Details:

• Made from green ABS, recycled wood, and natural rubber

• Attaches to wall with screw or double-sided tape

• Black or Brown



$16.69 (denim jacket not included — unless your name is Lorelei).

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