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May 24, 2017

Music and sound vibrations 3D printed into ceramics


That's different.

From Colossal:



Bouncing rhythmically to a deep beat, Studio van Broekhoven's 3D printer produces ceramic vessels scored by sound. The objects spin as clay is applied in response to the amplified noise, forging visual markings into the clay by way of audio wavelengths. The project, "Solid Vibration," was produced by spatial sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven and designer Olivier van Herpt, who have been co-producing the objects that appear almost like woven baskets.



The project developed out of the collaborators' combined wish to host Broekhoven's "noisescapes" as solidified objects that could physically represent his abstract tones. For each of the vessels, a specially constructed speaker rig is mounted below the printing platform to emit a low sound that will influence the printing. "A moment in time, a song, a sound, they can now become objects that encapsulate the moment forever," explains van Herpt's website.


You can hear more of van Broekhoven's work here, while taking a glance at more of van Herpt's ceramics here.


Wait a sec — what's that song I'm hearing?

[via The Creator's Project, Kate Sierzputowski, and Crack©® bookofjoe®© San Francisco correspondent Richard Kashdan]

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World's most tricked-out scissors


This is what happens when you put Leatherman into the scissors equation.


From websites:



EMTs and fire professionals contributed to the design of this multifunctional scissors.


Features and Details:

• Nylon Handle

• Weight: 5.8 oz.

• Closed length: 5"

• Primary shear length: 1.9"


6 Tools:

• 420HC stainless steel folding medical shears

• Carbide glass breaker

• Oxygen tank wrench

• Strap cutter

• Ring cutter

• 5 cm ruler





or the new Black: $69.85.

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