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June 4, 2017

Sphinx (Fragment), 8th Century B.C.E., Arslan Tash (Hadatu), Syria


Ivory and gold.

The Arslan Tash reliefs are bas-reliefs of human figures and animals which adorned the city gates and temple portals of ancient Hadatu, the modern archeological site of Arslan Tash (Turkish; Arslan:Lion, Taş:Stone).

Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.

Alas, I'll be long dead before a working time machine will enable people of the future to go back and watch the master sculptor creating this magnificent piece.

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Chip Fingers — Finger Guards Prevent Cheetos Dust


What took so long?


Features and Details:

• Reusable and washable

• Red, Blue, or Green

• One size fits all

• Silicone


Set of three: $8.49 (Cheetos not included).

Full disclosure: This clever invention will not be resident in chez bookofjoe because for me, the best feature of Cheetos is the almost radioactively bright orange dustpowder that covers my business fingers after inhaling a family-size bag of Cheetos (the originals, not the ersatz baked iteration that stealthily appeared on supermarket shelves in response to the fatty fried food aversion tide), so adherent to my skin I have to scrape the burning, salty coating off with my teeth, OMG it's so good, besides which, you get to have the memory of how great the Cheetos were for as long as it takes for the orange color to fade from your fingertips.

[via Geekologie

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